Welcome to QSL Watch

Like you, we are great lovers of HAM Radio, DX and QSLing. Being top DX’ers or a simple casual players in the game, we like to have confirmation for the QSO we maid, either by paper QSL or an electronic mean. If the quest for the DXCC Honor Roll or other diplomas could be a tough game, it is nonetheless important to keep it on a real radioamateur spirit.

That is the aim of this web site, to keep QSLing a true HAM spirit thing. How can you help us? Two ways :

  • Give your feedback about QSL policy of DX stations and expeditions. Tell the world the QSL you received and how you feel about it. This is also a mean to say thank you to this rare DX station who kindely send you a really nice QSL card or made it confirmed in Logbook of the World right after the final TU es 73.
  • Share your experience about QSL managers. How much do they ask for postage return? Are they kind or rude when you ask for a log check? Did they spend one year before answering?

We all know that DXpeditions are expensive projects, but once you get on the air this all thing should still be a hobby and not be restricted by money.

If you’d like to help us, first create an account (in order to protect our database from spam we now need to approve the registration manually), add an entry to the database (DX station or QSL manager) and then write you review about it.

Last thing, please do keep in mind that this web site is still in a beta version. We will try to improve it as you give us your feedback and comments.

73 es GL,
Freddy de J28RO/F5IRO & Yan de XV4Y.